donderdag 11 februari 2016

RADICAL RETARD - once i woke '94

cool painting on the wall! FREDDY FLINKSTONED LOL

always funny when bands members are downloading their own music coz they lost it in the years for some reason
this is requested by Kees hennephof - drums (what a great last name,hempgarden in english ;-0)
he moved to spain yrs ago and somehow lost all the RR stuff
so here ya go
this was the full line up:
Mike Robinson - vox
Rob van Wijk - guitar
Bo van Rooij - guitar
Jan van Meerten - bass
Kees Hennephof - drums
they were from wijk bij duurstede in the netherlands,played crossover
and existed from '90-'95
they released 2 demos ,1 in '91 st (still looking for that one,so if you read this and have it,contact me! Kees wants it as mp3 too so hook him up!
the sometimes demo in '92 (also on this blog)
and the cd above in '94,followed by a demo/promo in '95
and a few tracks on some compilations,and that was it
im a retard too so this fits pefect on here ;-0
Kees still plays with a band in spain called MIZZILINK
vocals and guitar this time
heres their myspace
different than RR offcourse,more mature,more melodic too but no shitty woho's etc
if your into melodic hardcore/punkrock go check em out!

missinglink LOL

will reupload soon!!!!!!! need some more time...
march 5,2016 in their hometown,wijk bij duurstede,reunion party!!!


maandag 1 februari 2016

GENERACION SUICIDA - "sombras" preview

been away for awhile,but back on track...almost LOL,6 days to go...

GS also,4 upcoming tracks from the new record,all 4 great/B.A.D.A.S.S.!!! tracks,and the last one with only Kiwi on vox "ke mas kieres de mi"...DAMN!!!!! on repeat!
this is gonna be a great record!!!


Tony,Tulle tapes are going out apologies for the delay! it may take a few weeks,but they will be there soon! incl a few more from the 1st one, cheers!
and a few more people are waiting for stuff i promised to send out months ago,
life got in the way...
Marcus,Marcelo,Tomek,Yama...sorry for the delay! edit: crapper,i forget my dear comrade Lammie...!!! and Adrien,Alex,,,you'll get mail too,hate unfinished business.

cheers! D.

and yeah, don't forget...STAY PISSED!!!!!!!! more desperate,more violent LOL