maandag 1 februari 2016

GENERACION SUICIDA - "sombras" preview

been away for awhile,but back on track...almost LOL,6 days to go...

GS also,4 upcoming tracks from the new record,all 4 great/B.A.D.A.S.S.!!! tracks,and the last one with only Kiwi on vox "ke mas kieres de mi"...DAMN!!!!! on repeat!
this is gonna be a great record!!!


Tony,Tulle tapes are going out apologies for the delay! it may take a few weeks,but they will be there soon! incl a few more from the 1st one, cheers!
and a few more people are waiting for stuff i promised to send out months ago,
life got in the way...
Marcus,Marcelo,Tomek,Yama...sorry for the delay! edit: crapper,i forget my dear comrade Lammie...!!! and Adrien,Alex,,,you'll get mail too,hate unfinished business.

cheers! D.

and yeah, don't forget...STAY PISSED!!!!!!!! more desperate,more violent LOL

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