dinsdag 5 januari 2016


not dead yet...jesus christ...but i think i'm not sleeping in my own bed tonight lol...i'm waiting for the men in blue while writing this...so who knows what's gonna happen in 2016,this is a bad start for "uncle Dan" family shit gotten out of control a bit...so gonna take awhile before i'm back in action,pretty sure

have a good one folks and enjoy life!!!


6 opmerkingen:

  1. happy new year Dan! Hope 2016 shall better for you. when you went through that shit what could possibly come even worse? Salut!

  2. still free as a bird ;-0,think i'm lucky...all crap i had to deal with for yrs,is really done now...life starts again
    and the flat/appartment from my old folks is mine now,don't own it,not a rich fucker haha
    but 3 bedrooms,huge living room,the whole shabang,guess i'm really lucky,grew up in this place and now it's my home,but damn what a ride LOL,will be back sooner or later to make some noise again,thx! & cheers


  3. You're not dead yet...
    yet, you will be someday.
    So, I'd trustNjesus.
    Make Your Choice -SAW

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