zondag 26 februari 2012

LÄRM - 30 yr anniversary dl & last show ever!!! OCCII,amsterdam 26-05-2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 yr anniversary @ perron 55,venlo 2010

from  video to mp3


6 track by SEEIN RED @ OCCII amsterdam 2010

still missing a few titles but not feeling good
so here it is,ill add em later but at least you can listen now and warm up for may!

and the SEEIN RED - last show is recorded by Menno from the Bunt studios so not gonna post the video rip i did,you have to wait till the official record comes out,will sound better for sure!

zaterdag 25 februari 2012

REA RESPIRATOR - 1986 demo's & live @ ultra huset,stockholm-sweden 04-19-1986 cd-r (sweden)

1st demo

01-rikmans lust
02-liten Bruce Lee
03-lita pa effe
04-meningslosa mord
05-svett,blod & tarar
06-släpp loss alla band
07-vad ar doden
08-clownen jack
10-88 sekunder

2nd demo

11-kopt karlek
12-dubbel moral
14-flotig trend
15-drogeri bilden

live @ ultra huset,stockholm-sweden 04-19-1986

16-dubbel moral
17-liten Bruce Lee
18-vad ar doden
19-lita pa effe
20-meningslosa mord
21-kopt karlek
22-rikmans lust
23-svett,blod & tarar
25-släpp loss alla band
26-flotig trend
27-clownen jack

classic swedish hardcore!!!
with an insane thick bass sound!
damn,this is gooooooooood!

just done with it,so tomorrow some more info but here you have the dl link

donderdag 16 februari 2012

CORPSE - demo 1985 (N.Y.) first archive.org upload!

redid it,old version sounded like crap
this version sounds much better,only misses the bass intro for #8,had a shower of tapenoise in it,couldnt get it right so cut it off,you won't hear it;-0
here ya go

03-bomb cunt
07-evil cartoon song
08-stop making me mad
09-phobian cancer
10-i'm right,you're wrong
11-i'm controlled


alright folks,
first upload to the archive.org,lemme know if this works better/good!
you can play em before you download so you can check before wasting time ;-0,the vbr files sounding better as on the player but you get an idea what your downloading,thats cool isnt it?
and on the left of your screen you can download the zip/rar file ,only thing is files are converted from 320 kbps to VBR
but unzipped em and i cannot hear a difference,so all gooooooood

Rob,if your reading this,give it a try!!!
you have to select each track seperated but upload goes faster than uploading to mediafire etc,GO FOR IT!


woensdag 15 februari 2012

NO SYSTEM - last gig on WBRS radio,Brandeis university,Waltham-MA august 13, 1986

on these recordings the line up was:

Al - vocals
Matt - guitar
Tim - bass
Doug - drums

13 tracks recorded live on WBRS radio  1986
pretty damn good set!

01-Detroit rock city (KISS)
02-i am the scene
03-life in general
04-under the...??????????????
05-holy vision
07-industrial robot
09-no not again
10-D.O.D. (alternative,alternative oh damn no,its not troops of tomorrow;-0
12-symbols of hate
13-coming back

did nothing to the sound,only fade in/fade outs...

download + player on the archive

more info/detailed history by Al/record here:

demo 7'' still available on http://www.nowayrecords.com/

CRAPSCRAPERS - alle haben gekotzt nur ich nicht demo 1984 (berlin-germany) new link with titles/covers!

everyone puked,but i didnt lol what a title ...

recorded in west berlin a few years before the wall came down
pretty damn good stuff
got rid of the hiss,and boosted-equalized volume in the track etc...but track 2 was damaged too much to make it sound good
but all in all a really good demo!
later they released a 7'' too
not as good as this tape but def worth getting!
pic above is from the 7''

NEW LINK WITH TITLES/INSERTS AND 14 TRACKS,cut up #12 in 2,should be good now!
stole the inserts/titles from tapeattack.blogspot.com,THX!


www.archive.org/  uploading!

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

H.H.H. - demo 1986 (spain)

cleaned these recording,more than a year ago,didnt know shit back than and still alot to learn... but this one came out reaaaaal nice!!!
that bass sound,insane!
best spanish recordings ever in my book,GREAT STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO GET IT!!!!!!
and yeah somebody should put these tracks on a piece of wax!

03-viejo pais
07-tragico final


GESS - suffer damage demo 1983 (japan) mp3's!

not sure if uploaded before,but it were wavs,cleaned em in the same time as the H.H.H. stuff,so sounds goood!
and mp3's this time!

01-suffer damage
03-kanji title
04-cruelty bomb
06-super punk man
07-historyed glory dead
09-give the noise
10-war criminal
11-sutter and call

unfortunaly i cant put up any pics,simply coz i cant find shit on the net,theres probably some info but in japanese,google doesnt come up with anything
but who needs pictures right?


GUERILLA URBANA - demo 1985 (lima-peru)

Jose Eduardo ''matute''
unfortunaly he passed away last year,may he rest in peace

this GU is from '85,after this demo they changed name to ATAQUE FRONTAL
who released a 7'' on the french new wave label in 1987
this was released in '86 i believe as a split tape with H.H.H. from spain

HHH 8 songs from '86 up next BADASS stuff,cleaned up so sounds really good,but not sure what the recordings are,released/unreleased????? any help is appreciated on that one,it was floating around as unreleased 1986 demo????? but cant find any info
but for now grab this if your into raw south american stuff!

maandag 13 februari 2012

CONDEMNED ATTITUDE - live video from metal mania magazine#1 video

first condemned attitude doing 3 songs,no clue what venue??? (dead serious,when worlds collide,third world child) + a peek in the Andy Anderson tour vehicle ;-0
 a couple from another set/venue quality is worse...but still cool
and some funny stuff shot on rampage radio in '86 in the KUSF studio talking about the CONDEMNED lp and ATTITUDE ADJERKMENT etc.

CA starts at 4:45!


if you wanna dl the MPEGII version right click with your mouse on the blue MPEGII on the left ! dont dl the smaller versions,they suck in quality

zondag 12 februari 2012

7 SECONDS - live @ 924 gilman street,berkeley-san fransisco-CA 2010 = DONE!!!

7 SECONDS don't need an introduction...
BADASS liveset! taken from the gilman website as 1 track,cut it up and here we GOOOOOO!
thx to Mike for help with titles!

have fun.

DEATH PUPPY - playing dead demo '85 cd-r (oklahoma)

CD-R sticker sooooon!

cleaned up a bit,equalized volume/channels,and did some fade ins/outs,nothing more
BADASS demo!!!

G.N.P. - demo 1983 (alabama)

01-i wanna be your dog
02-i live you
05-teenage abortion
06-skate and destroy
07-is it on my shoe?
13-rabid lassie
14-Reggie's a veggie
15-railroad Bill

badass demo,nothing to find online,no pics,well the pic above from the va code blue tape insert,thats it
any help with missing titles is appreciated!
and thx again to Rob killtheheroes2.blogspot.com

new uploads to www.archive.org

decided to upload everything to the archive,never had any problems with copyrights or anything on here in the 3 yrs im doing this so think it won't be a problem if i put em on there
just wanna make sure when mediafire get closed down,my uploads are still downloadable on the net
http://www.archive.org/ is a good option (it's a non profit organisation) donations are welcome but if you dont donate,you can still download,thats cool isnt it?
downloading from that site for yrs without any problems (video/audio/magazines) ,and most important,files are always available,to anyone,no expiring links etc...
so from now on youll get 2 links,ill keep using mediafire for so long it takes,but when mediafire is gone,you have to dl from the archive,if your having problems with it,lemme know,its pretty easy in use,you can dl a zip file on the left side of your screen,so not much will change...
starting off with the CONDEMNED ATTITUDE video,than the KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTIONS reunion and so on...
probably gonna upload more vids/dvd's too,so diapers ready,lots of cool stuff to come ;-0


woensdag 8 februari 2012

IRON LUNG - live on LIFE DURING WARTIME-KBOO radio,portland-OR 2009

01-future corpses
04-paralyzed words
06-lost appeal

from the KBOO site but think they released it on tape too,this was mono,made it stereo,came out pretty good!

PLAY LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

dinsdag 7 februari 2012

LIFE...BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? - reunion @ blitz,oslo-norway 03-05-2002 (sbrd)

their reunion gig from 2002
they reunited to celebrate the 20 yr anniversary of the BLITZ house,a legendary venue in Oslo-Norway
awesome gig of rockin' female fronted hardcore!!
its done after 3 days of fooling around,hope you enjoy the result!

stolen from this...hope everyone is cool about it? go watch it,EYE CANDY!!!

BIG THANKS to Ola Waagen for filming/sharing it in great quality,took snapshots from the video and used 'em for the famous "shitty covers",came out pretty good i think,so all credits to him!!!


SEEIN RED - LAST SHOW EVER 11.02.2012 @ OCCII,Amsterdam


last chance to see them play live,go!

zondag 5 februari 2012

DEMENTED YOUTH - better homes demo 1982

02-i hate school
03-Reagan's war
04-fight your own war
05-i got caught
06-go away
07-communism sucks
08-made in the U.$.A.
09-it's not fair (Alan Robbins is a rapist)
10-assassination attempt
11-we hate preps
12-we hate fascists

cleaned up alittle...still rough,but great stuff!
and here it is after 5 days

thx to Rob kill the heroes2 blog for ripping the mp3's!

woensdag 1 februari 2012

NADSAT REBEL - demo 1983 (chicago-IL)

recorded on 12-02-1983 at Studiomedia inc. Evanston-IL

Ben - vocals
Matt D. - guitar
Dave - bass
Matta - drums

02-slipping fast
03-getting ready
04-i am the wall

thx to Rob http://killtheheroes2.blogspot.com/ (R.I.P) for orig tuberip/upload!
cleaned/boosted it a bit and sounds really good!!! go get it.