maandag 27 april 2009

AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER - live @ the woodser,brooklyn-NY '08 tape

AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER - crust never sleeps tape 128 kbps full set as 1 track

bitrate is low,but this sounds amazing,blows away all their studio recordings!!!

zondag 26 april 2009

ANTI ARMADA - anti armados demo '07

ANTI ARMADA - anti armada demo '07 128 kbps 7 tracks

again a great band from new jersey,but this time not the normal stuff
this is male-female fronted hc-punk-crust done well,really well
there were plans to put this demo onto vinyl,but guess that didnt work out
im looking for their live tape as mp3,anyone can hook me up?

N.N. - demo 30-06-'07 final mix

N.N. - demo 30-06-'07 final mix 5 tracks 128 kbps LEMME KNOW IF YOU GOT A HIGHER BITRATE/BETTER RIP!?

you know the deal..Martin crudo,lengua armada recs,limpwrist,tragatelo etc on vocals
great stuff,7'' probably sold out by now.

zaterdag 25 april 2009


DESKONOCIDOS - demo '08 6 tracks 160 kbps

new band from austin/texas U$A,heard theyre gonna do a split with SACRED SHOCK soon,so keep an eye out for it!
great band!

NFN (NON FIKTION NOIS) - !contaminacion mundial! 7''

NFN - !contaminacion mundial! 7'' 7 tracks bitrate 320 kbps


released on southkore records a couple of years ago and sold out for a long time
chicago hc ala crudos,sin orden etc,really good,really pissed!


zaterdag 4 april 2009

BRUTAL OBSCENITY - sorry boys and girls but we dont have an image demo '89

old dutch crossover/hc/metal
5 tracks,they released a few other demos and a couple of cd's but after this demo they started putting flowers in their hair and made some weird hippiecore with annoying vocals,but this demo is pretty damn good for european standards.

vrijdag 3 april 2009

3 AGAINST 1 - welcome to the real world 7'' + 2 unrel.

3 AGAINST 1 - welcome to the real world 7'' + 2 unreleased

NJHC-Andy's (TEAR IT UP/FTD) band before he joined TIU,this record also has that typical NJ sound,great vocals,very underated record imo...

PUNCH IN THE FACE - demo 2001

PUNCH IN THE FACE - demo 2001 320 kbps

another goodie from my box with tapes,this is the real P.I.T.F. demotape!!!
9 tracks incl a LIFE SENTENCE-problems & ARTICLES OF FAITH-buy this war cover,one of the best bands from the last 10 years!
members of charles bronson blah blah blah...great stuff!

FRESH TRASH - demo 2009

FRESH TRASH - demo '09

name says it all...
new band from spain,9 tracks pretty damn good demo!