donderdag 31 oktober 2013

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE - 2008-2010 (russia)

i've lost all my "scene" points a looooong time and i don't give a shit! ;-0

i'm turning this blog into a hip hop blog lol
nah,this will be the only post thats a little different musicwise as the rest. so get over it! 
russian SHARP skins with ANTIFA lyrics and they have a track about Anne Frank 
so thats pretty damn cool.
Anne Frank army never stop! LETS GO! 

dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

JUDGE - live @ the st. vitus bar,brooklyn-N.Y. october 11, 2013 (N.Y.)

it's not from the board but sounds pretty good.
great gig!!!
recorded by Sunny Singh 

check the site for the HD video or get it from 

01-the storm II
02-take me away
03-bringin' it down
04-in my way
05-hear me
06-like you
07-give it up
08-fed up!
09-forget this time
10-hold me back
11-i've lost 
12-warriors (BLITZ)
13-when the levee breaks (MEMPHIS MINNIE & KANSAS JOE McCOY)
14-where it went
15-New York crew

stream & download from here:

(A) check the bottom of the player and press PREFER FLASH!
sometimes the HTML5 player acts weird...don't know what the problem is...uploaded it twice,same FLASH! or just dl it,sounds better on your own mediaplayer anyway.


zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

vrijdag 25 oktober 2013

THE SQUATS - "doomed generation" 1979-1983 demo-7''-livegig (nijmegen-the netherlands)

up tonight/tomorrow?

this tape was released on their own label NEP & BEDROG (translates to FAKE & FRAUDE records) in 1980.
the other release on their own label was the 7'',you can d/l that one on the wildevil blog ,check on the left of your screen...

the demo didnt came with the title "doomed generation" so before anyone gets confused,thats just a title i gave to the collection thingy,that still needs to be finished...ill finish it soon...

here's the demo (7'' & livegig will follow soon incl the shitty cd-r cover) sounds badass for 33 yr old recordings.



woensdag 23 oktober 2013

SIN 34 - live @ the olympic auditorium,los angeles-CA february 24, 1984 (santa monica-CA)

GTA can suck it.

13 tracks in misses the instrumental track "blind man's bluff...
but these 13 are in a better quality as the 6 on the "die listening" disc.
too bad i didnt had a 1st generation dvd or HD vid to work with,but its awesome this survived 30 yrs.
 and it only took a couple of hours to fix.
great gig!



pics/flyer taken from David's site,thx!

maandag 21 oktober 2013

the CLYNG-ONZ - hide your eskimos demo 1983 (anchorage-alaska) DONE!

1983 demo by these Alaskan retards.
cleaned up version!!!
came out real nice.
grab it.

UNWARRANTED TRUST fem. fronted canada hc

they had a track on the peace comp,it's their only released track..
anyone out there has their demotape,rehearsal/live anything is welcome??

pls lemme know!?
looking for yrs. but no luck.


P.P.G. - demo #1 1982 (cleveland-OH)

had a butchered version of the 2nd demo up a couple of yrs ago,
here the 1st demo by PPG
can't find any info/pics online
took out as much of the tapenoise as possible,still has a little but cant get it out,so this is it...

01-will it ever end
03-a life to live
04-will it ever end
06-throw me in jail
07-the truth
08-no reason
09-zombies don't thrash
10-leather and iron
11-friends of man

new version of the 1983 demo up in a few days...


zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

DOOM - live @ störtebeker,hamburg-germany august 4, 1994 (U.K.)

25 tracks in 44:45 min.

busy with too many thing so no shitty insert
but it's a great gig,all you need.


PLEURIS - work demo 1992 (breda?-the netherlands)

unknown band from the netherlands
from Breda i think,could be Tilburg too,not sure...
but this is a pretty damn good demo.
musicwise it reminds me of the REA RESPIRATOR stuff,mostly because of the badass bass parts,so this is dutch hc with a swedish sound,and a band with an anti nazi song is always good,so give it a try,PLAY LOUD!!!!

vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

SLAPSHOT - this is hardcore fest,electric factory-philadelphia-PA august 11, 2013

good gig by these old farts from boston.
they still sound the same after all those yrs so thats pretty damn cool.
title for track 4 still missing,can't come up with the title and i'm too lazy to check their's sunday today,God told me to relax lol.
here ya go. STEP ON IT!


STRIKING DISTANCE - live @ this is hardcore fest. electric factory,philadelphia-PA august 8th, 2013

angry Byrd & co @ TIHF.
not as good as the CBGB's gig that got released on the fuse is lit cd version but this is a pretty cool gig also.
did a few little corrections to the audio this time.
a few places needed some volume changed and did a few fadeouts/cuts blah blah blah.
here ya go.

"i've got no new material...10 yrs later,please take my wife" 

woensdag 9 oktober 2013

SANGRE KALLEJERA - demo 2013 out soon!

available on lim. ed. tape soon! 
2013 demo by this new band from Santa Catarina-Mexico.
this stuff reminds me of MASSACRE 68/KAGADO DE PERRO,pissed off is the word here.

contacted the band for a lim. tape release and they said,OK.
so this one will be out soon,within a week or 3...OFAL TAPES #1!
insert gonna look like this,still working on the lyricsheet/tape stickers...

together with the GENERACION SUICIDA livetape. OFAL TAPES #2
50 copies of both will be made.
15/20  copies will go to the band,the rest will be available from a small distro/mailorder overhere.
more info will be announced soon.


dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

LAS OTRAS - live @ blackwater records,portland-OR september 1, 2013 (BCN-spain) all titles incl.!

forgot to record their set on life during wartime & no stream available on the kboo site...suuucks.
so spended the whole night on this one.
but came out pretty good.
this is LAS OTRAS as a 3 piece,without Ieri.
she was on strike lol,nah problems with her voice...
so the 3 other ladies are all filling in on vocal duties,pretty damn good job!
keep an eye out for their lp,out NOW & is real good,recorded in their reh. space,RAW...

too bad i can't do a good sounding rip,the one i did sounds crappy/thin... so you gotta buy the record yourself and D.I.Y. ;-0 

but here's the blackwater gig.

edit: with all titles this time!