zaterdag 31 juli 2010


venice virus grabbed me again so its time to put up a bunch of cleaned up flyer art i used for cdr live covers and stuff,offcourse ill post the music too ;-)
so the next days will be dedicated to the venice hc scene from the 80's
starting with the EVOL demo

01-crimes of violence
02-one word of truth
03-death machine
have to dig up the back/cdr sticker pics...

and more venice skatedeck pics up soon! finished 4 more decks (2x cycotic youth,1x beowulf and another excel deck,came out EVOL deck with the art above will follow soon,its the same as the cycotic youth skull but who cares,it looks badass!

but heres the evol demo,songs are on the cd as well but this sounds not as flat/clean as the cd version,these were recorded earlier in '89,but the cd is a classic too so what am i bitching
great stuff!!!!!!!
experiment in fear 8 track cd is available @ who also did some other good venice records (dead reagan tour,fist of fury etc...)
if you take a good look you can see where i stole & butchered the art for the white ST deck ;-)

i'm living with my cyco self,with a feeling of hate...

ORGANIZED SPORTS - hogtied demotape 2010 (portland-OR)

one of the best new bands this year!

no crusty/d-beat crap but raw/fast/aggresive hardcore
cant go wrong with a name like this offcourse (VOID song)
we need more bands like this!
tape is released and still available from
self released 7'' also just out,heavent heard it yet,but email send to order a few copies and another 7'' in works...
and hell yeah,CARDIAC ARREST playing shows again and heard there's a full length lp in works too,COOOOOOOL!

PENT-UP AGRESSION - defining the problem demo '85 cd-r

not much to find about em but another classic demo so here it is,no back cover...not in the mood,got some pent up aggression too...but tried to boost the sound a bit,little more bass/volume,all i did

vrijdag 30 juli 2010

WASTED YOUTH - live @ fenders ballroom,long beach-CA 04-19-'86 audio & video



AGRESSION - live @ fende3rs ballroom,long beach-CA 04-19-1985 audio & video

AUDIO mp3 320 13 tracks,tagged but 9 untitled...maybe later
VIDEO avi file

TEENAGE WARNING - thoughts of war 1982-1984 cd-r (east bay-CA) DONE!!!


Kev - vocals
Jim - guitar
Mike -guitar
Barrie - bass
Todd - drums

Kevin was also in ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT (disco on and in DEFACE and a newer band called DEATHTOLL who has a 7'' on kangaroo recs

Barrie & Todd in CHRIST ON PARADE,their whole discography is available from prank records i think,or was it the live lp or both ;-),go check it out! classic stuff!
gonna try to paint the front cover of the sounds of nature on a skatedeck so keep an eye out ;-)

same goes for TW,be prepared to shit your diaper,STUFF RULES!!!! you can hear some AA but the guitar sound is def christ on parade-ish...

8 tracks from the demo,a few of em were also on the shasta county underground comp,3 + superman's dead which was in a horrible quality,but now its listenable
edit: songs were floating around on slsk for yrs,and i was done with it before i knew it was gonna be released so stop the whining in france!

hope you enjoy this as much as i do,if not,you got no taste ;-)

thx to oldschool Mike for finding demo titles

donderdag 29 juli 2010

WHITE PIGS - 1984 7'' & 1985 demo (hit bonanza) cd-r NEXT!

CT hardcore!
the 1984 7'' (8 tracks) & hit bonanza demo (19 tracks) from 1985 on one disc
theres an incomplete version floating around for yrs now
was going through my data dvd's today and listened to it again and crapper,what a great demo,so time to let you all enjoy the full thing
link will be posted when back/cd sticker is done!
so you know the deal...

woensdag 28 juli 2010

ARREBATO - muchas palabras en poco tiempo demo 2009 (argentina)

ive got another email from a guy named Nicolas from argentina
he played in the band ARREBATO
in the attachement was a folder with cover and lyrics and the message,this was my old band,hc/punk/crossover stuff,enjoy! and some more i can't read ;-0
but i like getting these emails!!!
because this is good stuff,i dont put up crap i dont like so thats said
4 tracks on this demo from 2009
and hard to pin down their sound,think a modern crossover style,not thrashy not really hc either,but its pretty good!
and from argentina.....i always thought they only play the heavy NYHC style overthere ;-)
said it before,im a sucker for latin stuff,those bands have most times a good message/lyrics/sounding more pissed off/sincere as the "normal" bands and what more
if you want more info,go visit their myspace
4 track demo 2009

zondag 25 juli 2010

VILE INTENT - shadow of the skull 7'' montreal powerviolence!!!

demo 2008 front

VILE INTENT from montreal-QC canada plays powerviolence,and so goddamn well,forget SFN and whatever hype band (H.O.D. rules ;-)

you gotta check this band out if you like it fast and mean

their 2008 demo blew me away but in those 2 yrs that followed i didnt pay puch attention to em,pretty stupid coz they recorded a bunch of new tracks,and these would fit perfect on less slow recs,but SLAP-A-BOVINE recs ;-) aka CHOKING HAZARD recs from canada got the honor to release it.

yesterday i was checking my emails and i got an email from Brant-VILE INTENT with a link to their site and a dl link to the new 7''

and the message,post it if you are into it.
and hell yeah im into it!!!
i only played this a few times sofar but i can tell already : this is a top 10 record of this year kids
7 great tracks in 10 minutes,2 re-recorded from the demo
the 7inch is recorded by the same guy who recorded the demo also, so this sounds really tight/good!
thats what most powerviolence bands lack these days ,good/powerfull productions
but this is very well done
they switch from slow to ultra fast parts real quick,so this is an explosive record,its getting better and better the more you play it
no sucking up but this is the best thing ive heard this year sofar
you can visit their website/blog here

dl the "shadow of the skull 7'' here

and when its out,you can order here:

THX to Brant for sending this while record is not even out yet,thats the spirit

and if you like it,leave a comment and buy the vinyl!

donderdag 22 juli 2010

VILE INTENT - demo '08

VILE INTENT - demo '08 6 tracks 256 kbps

again powerviolence,from montreal-canada this time,stuff should be put onto vinyl by someone! played this demo many,many times last year!

posted on 08-05-'09 but bumped! will post new link too,mediafire one...make sure you also check out the brazen hell demo i posted back than,also great band/demo!

DEAN DIRG - YOUTH ELITE ROCK cd-r (demo 2000 & live @ side 2 studios 2010 / 10 yr anniversary)

cd-r front = done
have to figure out titles for the liveset and than it should be done quick,already edited,if anyone wanna help out with the titles,lemme know! its appreciated!
tagged,but as said,not all titles,if you want the complete thingy,just wait till i drop the final link incl final covers
liveset taken from
(more cut up sets will follow (coke bust/acid reflux/
and Alexiz who's doing
just put up the nazi dust tape version of their set,go check it,pretty cool recordings done by Ryan BLANKSTARE in his studio,much thx to him for putting up those sets!!!

woensdag 21 juli 2010

COPS AND ROBBERS - face to face with hate 7'' '00 (Boston-MA)

side A

side B

bitrate mp3 224 kbps

released on Marky-unseen's label AxDxDx records and also XCLAIM! 6,5 ;-)
pretty damn good old fashioned boston hc/punk,this 7'' rips from start to finish,same style as FIT FOR ABUSE/STRIKERS/LAST IN LINE (uploads later) so quality stuff here
they also released a 7''/cd on bridge 9 recs ,easy to get so go score it,nice one too!

their guitar player Josh Barnes passed away before they could record a full length lp so unfortunaly those song will remain unheard,or maybe they recorded some in the WERS set but i never heard it or heard anyone who recorded it,would be cool to hear those dudes live

for more info check

face to face with hate 7'' here:

TOTAL MOSH PROJECT - vegetable's life lp '89 (germany)

24 tracks of faaaaaaaaaaaaaast hardcore/crossover/early grind/whatever...this record rips!!!!
if you are into U.K. bands like HERESY/INTENSE DEGREE/RIPCORD you might like this one too,these folks are germans but thrash in the uk style
they did a demo too,and a bunch of split live tapes,if anyone has those,would luv to hear em,especially the one @ jugendhaus,geislingen with ripcord
thx tothe dude from for putting this one up.

REACCION - demo 2005 tape (southside chicago m&f dual vox!

i need some info on this band,bought a copy from a dude yrs ago,never got cant put up anything else than the mp3's,no cover/no titles all i can tell you this is some really good good chicano stuff
male/female fronted and the dude sounds really pissed!
some lyrics are in english but most in spanish so dont understand what they scream but its an political band so you can guess ;-)


really good demo,should be vinyl,THAT GOOD!
go get it

and if you can help me out with some info about em,would be cool,googled/myspace,but nada

RATIONS - anger and disgust demo & live @ st. stephens church 07-10-'10 (DCHC)

5 songs from the "anger & disgiust" tape on trashking productions
(still tapes available!!!, & make sure you order the 85 demo too!! ) BADASS stuff!
last 8 tracks are fresh rips from a video shot by Sunny Sing
you can watch it and dl it on vimeo! wasted time,worn thin/stri
king distance reunions too !!!!!!!!! sweeeet
boosted up the sound for the mp3's and they sound nice
think they dont have a website yet,but if you wanna contact em you should contact Nick COKE BUST or something,he plays bass in RATIONS with some other members from other dc bands,SICK FIX ETC..

allright,go check it here and go order the tape here

MOB MENTALITY demos next! demo was supposed to be repressed but line up changes etc ,not ganna happen anymore so up next!

but first heres the RATIONS stuff

(if you are in the netherlands and dont wanna order yourself,i ordered 3 copies of each (rations/85) so 2 left for me in a week or so if you want one or both!