donderdag 30 januari 2014

KONORREA - live @ moon,seoul-korea november 3,2012 last show ever???? / live @ latino fest-NYC 2014 (korea)

damn,what a line up.

generacion suicida (LA)
eutanasia from peru
pura mania from canada
suicidas from spain
konorrea from korea
ruidosa inmundicia from austria
eske from chicago
+ a bunch of other LA/NYC bands...and think i saw sin orden somewhere too,but not on the flyer??

some are well known names but KONORREA for example is pretty unknown.
their demo is hard to find.
but heard Sin Temores recs is gonna do copies of the demotape .
so keep an eye out for em in the next months...
KONORREA had Diego from ANTI ARMADA in it if im not mistaken,think he played with em while he was there...but not sure...
dude is currently struggling in Indonesia.
playing in a band for food,shelter etc..,remember punk kids? 
thought KONORREA broke up in 2012
coz the audio below is recorded at their "last"? show
but as you can see on the flyer they will be playing in NYC latino fest in august.
mayybe demo recordings later,but 
here's what to expect live.

GRIMA & MAL PASO - split tape 2013 (LA)

LA raw ponk!
quality is really raw.some call it bad...
but keep in mind its a crappy rip also.

and pretty sure when they do a proper recording it will sound good.
nothing wrong with the songwriting.
and its hc/punk for godssake,recorded in their rehearsal room i think so what do you expect? 
DIY home made tapes by the bands. in a fluor yellow tray.
still got 3 copies left for distro that will go in the OFAL bigcartel thingy soon...
turn up the volume real loud and youll be fine,your neighbors will luv you.

grima split with mal paso here:

live @ east 7th street,statico punx warehouse here:

more raw tunes here:

can't find anything for MAL PASO no contact or anything,so just send an email to the grima punx and they will help you out.
MAL PASO did an cd-r demo with 9 tracks before this split,sold out offcourse/impossible to find.

maandag 27 januari 2014

SAD BOYS - live on life during wartime-KBOO radio 2013 (NYC)

same version,corrected title for track #3

not gonna redo absurdo/drapetomania.
web mp3's are pretty bad quality.
same goes for the las otras set....

DEEF - rehearsal 198? (japan)

5 track rehearsal,no clue when/where its recorded but if your familair with the "total control" demo
you should grab this too,raw is the word here,drum sounds like the hollow tree D.R.I. used in their earliest recordings,the 2nd track = BADASS


dinsdag 21 januari 2014

OFAL best of 2013

edit: 10 more bands/records that are def worth picking up!
and there are a few more but 50 is a nice total,72 min. 

last post of this crappy year.
40 bands/40 tracks,glued 2 together so it's 42...
taken from the best records i bought,and a couple i missed out on/still need to pick up...
it was a real fucked up year...the only good thing is plenty of good records were released
anyway,i think it's a great compilation and offcourse i forgot to include some bands...

and some already year this blog will be a private blog!!!!
a couple of you will receive an invitation,everybody else can suck my wiener.
so if you wanted to dl something,do it now.

4/5 tapes/records are sold out by now,THE REPOS  (impossible to get as usual...)
SIN MOTIVO,but a european run just got released...and the SNOB tape,but that one will come out on 7'' in 2014 on mata la musika recs!
FELD HÜRE demo,was given away for free at shows,only 25 copies were made...impossible to get.
GAS RAG demo is sold out too,but a 7'' of the demo session is out on even worse recs.
NERVVRAK - 1st run = sold out,2nd run in the works!
everything is else is still available in good distro's worldwide.
pick em up!

stream & download from here:

click generation:

01-NARCOLEPTICS - paroxysm
02-SIN MOTIVO - reyes de indiferencia
03-ANTI ARMADA - unknown flexi track #5
04-VIOLENT FUTURE - street prowler
05-CONSTANT FEAR - mark of the beast
06-MAQUINA MUERTE - todo el odio
07-FELD HÜRE - tierra
08-LAS OTRAS - fronteras
09-GENERACION SUICIDA - mil amores (en vivo 2013)
10-NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - party going nowhere
11-SAD BOYS - frolic!
12-CHAIN RANK - criminal banner
13-ALERTA! - busca una salida
14-ALTERED BOYS - timebomb
15-THE REPOS - you know i'm right (lost still losing version)
16-STRONG BOYS - rainbow recall
18-DETHFOX - fearpope departure
19-EKOLALIA - el abismo
21-SEMPER EADEM - righteous violence
22-SKAGGS - white lies
23-FxAxSxTx - not my fault
24-SNØB - nature + get loose
25-NUDES - stillborn
26-GETS WORSE - daily fail
27-SPINE - severed tooth
28-ABUSE - pre-programmed
29-SVFFER - this life-a curse
30-RAPPA - kaese
31-VIOLENT REACTION - no control
32-RULETA RUSA - desobediencia
33-URBANOIA - systematisk massemord
34-GAS RAG - market crash + it hurts
35-REPLICA - rapture
36-SPECIAL NEEDS - pressure
37-HASSLER - escape
38-INFEST - days turn black
39-FUGITIVE - life is shit
40-NERVVRAK - i just live
41-PITFALL - scapegoat
42-PEACEBREAKERS - i don't need the looks of you
43-AJAX - the money of fools
44-MIDNITE BRAIN - pound of flesh
45-NO - perspective helps
46-THE COMBAT ZONE - give me war
47-ABUSE - we're to blame
48-D.H.K. - por una lucha autonóma
49-VIOLENT PARTY - they're coming for you too
50-KOSZMAR - atomowa groza

old demo's pressed onto vinyl/released this year & worth checking out.

FALSE CONFESSION - out of the basement 1983 demo lp
THE ABUSED - loud and clear lp gatefold the demo,e.p. and a live track at CB's in a really nice packaging!
from the same label THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY - crunch on demo 7''
BASTARDOS SIN NOMBRE - 7 inches + ratas de ciudad lp comp tracks + bonus liveset

BEAVER - demo's lp,havent heard/seen it a yet,but the demo is badass so can't go wrong...
and i'm forgetting a couple...

maandag 20 januari 2014

AJAX - demo 2013 (NY)

released end december 2013
weird bandname,we got a football club overhere called AJAX,but it looks like it has something to do with the cleaning/bleach powder,not sure where  they took it from

this one should have been in the best of 2013 list.but just got it send by mail..
1st run = sold out,2nd coming out soon.
available from the band and katorga works does a couple for mailorder.
some euro distro will have a few copies also.
pick it up if you are into 86 mentality,semper eadem,chain rank etc,
has an oi feel to it but this is played faster/more hc influenced as the other mentioned bands. pissed off vocals. you can't go wrong with this one.
members from bla bla bla.
BADASS demo!

donderdag 16 januari 2014

SHEER TERROR - kaos for Kristin e.p. pic disc,a benefit for Kristin Magee's family & friends

normally i don't post promo's and stuff,hate it...
but this is something different.

January 13, 2014
Brian Rocha

Ryan Feldman

'Kaos For Kristin' available now on vinyl 7" picture disc and iTunes via Dead City Records 

NEW YORK, NY - New York Hardcore veteran, Sheer Terror, has teamed up with to stream the band's new three-song EP 'Kaos For Kristin' in its entirety. Featuring three Sham 69 songs covered in Sheer Terror style, 'Kaos For Kristin' can be streamed online at:

'Kaos For Kristin' dropped in December on Dead City Records as a benefit release, with all proceeds being donated to help alleviate the medical bills of the family and friends of Kristin Magee who recently lost her battle with cancer.

Vocalist Paul Bearer told Billboard, "We take care of each other when we can, because if we don't, no one else will. We never really wanted to be part of the outside world, so it's up to us to treat each other a little bit better and take care of each other."

'Kaos For Kristin' can be purchased on vinyl 7" picture disc via the Dead City web-store at: and on iTunes at:

A 'Kaos For Kristin' teaser trailer can be seen on YouTube at:  

1. Poor Cow  *featuring Matty-Boy Walenta & Morgan "Balls" King
2. That's Life  *featuring John Deptford (Combat 84)
3. What Have We Got

Originally formed in 1984, Sheer Terror was one of the first bands to combine hardcore punk with a heavier, darker metallic sound, instantly putting the group on the map as a pioneering act in the hardcore, punk and metal scenes.

Throughout the years Sheer Terror has released numerous albums and singles, beginning with the influential debut Just Can't Hate Enough, while appearing on some classic hardcore punk compilations. The band has toured the U.S., Europe and Japan countless times, cementing a permanent place in music history as its legend continues to grow.

Stay tuned for more information on Sheer Terror and 'Kaos For Kristin' EP. 

Sheer Terror online...


3 SHAM 69 covers,recently recorded to help out Mark Magee (CONDEMNED 84,ANTI HEROES,THE GLORY) who lost his wife to cancer.
this release is a benefit to help pay off all the medical bills.
so its for a good cause.