dinsdag 20 december 2011

GOVERNMENT ISSUE - live @ CBGB's N.Y.C. '82 a.k.a. no way out '82 lp CLEANED!

this is released as an lp on LOST AND FOUND recs in 1990

but don't own it...so found the mp3's on the net,16 tracks,2 damaged tracks,some noises and removed the 2 tracks,removed/cut off the noise,extra bass,louder and whoop here it is,
CBGB's march 18, 1982

01-teenager in a box
02-religious rip off
03-no rights
05-plain to see
06-hall of fame
07-no way out
09-here's the rope
11-bored to death
12-sheer terror
13-hour of one

if this sounds shittier as the lp version,lemme know and ill remove it and look for a good rip of the record !

up soon:
the  UPRISING (U.K.) demo '86 after this one
AMERICAN WASTE demo '86 after that one,but need info!!!!!!!!! anyone who knows anything about AW lemme know,got nada info...
ANARCRUST - demos-live cd-r version after that one
TOKEN ENTRY - live @ this is hardcore fest probably sooon ...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wasn't that CB's set released as No Way Out 82? if so, it's great

  2. i think you are correct sir,how could i forget,a euro release too and in my time,its a shame ha ha
    but the mp3's sounded not that good and as said 2 tracks deleted coz they were damaged
    please check if you want if this is better or worse as the lp recordings,if so wasted lots of time on some shitty rip...damn,fingers crossed ha ha