donderdag 1 december 2011

NEUROOT - live @ doornroosje,nijmegen-the netherlands 1985 (arnhem-the netherlands)

what we have here is 13 livetracks by old dutch band NEUROOT
floating around as a 1 track,with lots of hiss and annoying mouse clicks (dude did a horrible rip,used his comp while ripping it and all sounds are in the recordings,took out most of the hiss,all i could do,if only the dude did a decent job this could have been a real nice liveset...tried something on track 1 and 4,but stopped,because of those annoying clicks,it aint worth it...but maybe you are intrested in hearing em one time live,give it a try,they were great live!!!!!!!!!!!! im bummed
anyone who has these recording in a better quality,or at least without those computer sounds,HOOK ME UP PLEASEEEEEEEEEE?????????? and will clean those!

but here it is

01-mach kaputt was euch kaputt mach
02-royal menace
03-GBO gestapo
04-dogs of the system
11-state brain
12-mach kaputt was euch kaputt mach
13-GBO gestapo

orig one track set included too....

and pick up the demo on vinyl

entering the site doesn't work overhere for some time now/weird reason,don't know what's up with that...maybe you got more luck...

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