donderdag 1 december 2011

M.I.A. - demo '81 or '83 ? (so-cal.) + other M.I.A. ?? - demo & live @ the wilson center,washington-DC 08-14-1984


10 track from a demo from '83 or earlier ...'81?

later...11 untitled tracks from another demo  labeled as 1983 demo..and a bunch of live tracks from '84...
demo's sound like it are 2 different bands...demo labeled as the oxnard demo is badass

M.I.A. - demo 1 (labeled as the oxnard demo...this is the M.I.A. who has 2 tracks on the LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...lp) but still confused ha ha but here you have that demo,this the best M.I.A. imho...cleaned up a year ago or something,probably can do a better job now,maybe 2nd version soon,but this sounds pretty good for now...

01-last days at the races
03-fag fat slob
04-groupie slut
05-stop MF
06-American dream
07-missing or captured
08-religious dogs
09-the life

other M.IA. - a demo + liveset at the Wilson center in DC '84  (audience recorded but nice..)

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  1. hey ,
    dan i think theyre both by the same band,i think mia moved cities or something,i'm very sure that second demo is from 1985,not sure? i could be very wrong!

    ok man


  2. altough i have'nt heard yours,i have them 2 demos on a disc somewhere!

    hope the info helps!


  3. I think it might be the m.i.a. from s.f.v. CA. they had 2 or 3 tracks on LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL SO WHY NOT EAT HEALTH FOODS? LP

  4. you are correct sir!
    the tracks from that comp lp are part of this demo!